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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Prepared for a Cold Trip

I know that buying winter clothing in Thailand is unnecessary, but I have an upcoming trip to somewhere that I will need those winter fashion. To be honest, I'm more exciting for winter fashion more than excited for the trip itself because I've never experience such a cold weather before.

One of my wish-list is the Club Monaco Jumper, which has the details on the sleeves. That is so cute but still looks basic. I saw Josie from JosieLDN wear one of the Club Monaco jumper and it looks gorgeous on her so I think this one might be cute idea to start of the winter fashion. And as I'm going on the coldest period of the year, a nice pair of leather glove would be nice. I spot the micro-bow leather glove from Ted Baker and it looks gorgeous, I wish I had this when I go to Japan, this would look really nice with my Ted Baker bow cross body bag I have.

Another winter essential is a pair of boots, which I spot one that looks like high-end style. I found this H&M studded boots, which looks so chic while not too much for a plain outfit. I think this boots would be convenient to take ff on plane as well. And lastly, there wouldn't be a wish-list without a bag. I have been obsessed with channel-style fabric for a while and I found this mini backpack from Zara, which look so lovely with the chain strap. This one would make my travelling a lot easier as I have to carry 2 suitcases with me on-the-go.

That's all of my winter fashion wish-list, which I'm so excited for and I hope I will get some from the list before I go on my trip.

Do you enjoy winter fashion? 


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