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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Prepared for a Cold Trip

I know that buying winter clothing in Thailand is unnecessary, but I have an upcoming trip to somewhere that I will need those winter fashion. To be honest, I'm more exciting for winter fashion more than excited for the trip itself because I've never experience such a cold weather before.

One of my wish-list is the Club Monaco Jumper, which has the details on the sleeves. That is so cute but still looks basic. I saw Josie from JosieLDN wear one of the Club Monaco jumper and it looks gorgeous on her so I think this one might be cute idea to start of the winter fashion. And as I'm going on the coldest period of the year, a nice pair of leather glove would be nice. I spot the micro-bow leather glove from Ted Baker and it looks gorgeous, I wish I had this when I go to Japan, this would look really nice with my Ted Baker bow cross body bag I have.

Another winter essential is a pair of boots, which I spot one that looks like high-end style. I found this H&M studded boots, which looks so chic while not too much for a plain outfit. I think this boots would be convenient to take ff on plane as well. And lastly, there wouldn't be a wish-list without a bag. I have been obsessed with channel-style fabric for a while and I found this mini backpack from Zara, which look so lovely with the chain strap. This one would make my travelling a lot easier as I have to carry 2 suitcases with me on-the-go.

That's all of my winter fashion wish-list, which I'm so excited for and I hope I will get some from the list before I go on my trip.

Do you enjoy winter fashion? 


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Jamie Italian Bangkok

There's a good news happened in 2016, which is the launch of my favourite chef's restaurant, Jamie's Italian. I'm very determine to try this restaurant since I was in UK, but I didn't get any chance to, so this is the good opportunity to try out and see how it goes!

When I heard that the Jamie's Italian is at Siam Discovery, I immediately decided I have to try the food there because the location is so convenient. One reason I love this restaurant is because this branch has a huge window, which make the restaurant bright. I'm kinda person that don't like dark place that you can see nothing.

Choosing from the menu, I'd say that the price is not that bad compared to the Jamie's in London or Stockholm. It's more of a acceptable price range. One things I found is they don't have any draft beer available at the time I went which is quite gutted but it's okay.

First of all, I'm really impressed with the Balsamic Vinegar that served with the Focaccia Bread. It's so smooth and gentle. The Parma Ham Pizza is not that impressive but not bad compared to other restaurant in Bangkok. I'd say that the Genaro's Spicy Sausage did better in the taste.

For the pasta, I've tried the Gennaro's Tagliatelle Bolognese and still obsessed with that dish. The pasta itself is good as well as the sauce. However, the Spicy Penne one is not my preference as it's too spicy.

Overall, I'm obsessed with the Gennaro's pasta and surely go back and try some other menu there. The price is not that expensive compared to other Italian restaurant here in Bangkok. I love the atmosphere and the staffs are very nice, so definitely go try this if you're Jamie's fan!

Have you ever tried Jamie's Italian?