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Thursday, 22 December 2016


If said that flowers that bloom only once in a hundred year. Why should there not be some that bloom once in a thounsane year. We never know about them because once in thousand year just happened today.

Right under this sky, we are lucky enough to share the lifetime we get...

My life is not a fairy tales that the prince and princess get to love each other in the end.
My hope is not fulfilled.

I try to think everyday that how great it's that I get to know you in person even though I think that I will never get a chance to meet you. It's a huge lesson that no matter how hard you try, if it is not the right one, it is not.

Thank you that you interested in the same hobby as mine so we get to talk.
Thank you that you come to say hi to me that day.
Thank you for making my 12th of December special.
Thank you for making me dare to do something again.
Thank you for talking to me for a period of time.
Thank you for your smile.
Thank you for calling.

And thank you that we know each other.

Rosie will now go offline for a while....

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