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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hair Cair Routine : Coloured Hair Update!

After the second time chopping and colouring my hair, I've changed my hair care routine a bit so that it suit my short and dry hair. I found that the first week after I changed my hair colour, my hair get so dry that I think it's not gonna be normal again. But after a few week using those stuff, it come back to normal condition again thankfully. 

The first step I do when I wash my hair is put the conditioner on wet hair. I usually use the Loreal EverPure Sulfate-free conditioner as my main one. This one make my hair so soft and don't wash out the colour I've done, so good one.

Once a week, I'll use the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment that I heard from one if the Gabby (Velvetgh0st) vlog. I'd say that I see the result of it after using 2 pot of this treatment. My hair grows for about 1.5 inches in one month, which is quite impressive!

After leaving conditioner on my hair for a while, I'll wash it off with shampoo which I'm switching between the Loreal EverPure Sulfate-free moisture shampoo and the Loreal Oleo Therapy oil infused shampoo. I feel like the oil-infused make my hair heavy which I don't like but sometime my hair need a lil of treatment.

For styling, some day I just put an oil a Loreal Extraordinary oil on and leave it that way, or someday I use the Schwarzkopf Daily oil elixir depends on what I'm fancy. For me, those two are not that different but the Schwarzkopf one I picked up in Sweden because I forgot to bring the Loreal one with me.

And for dry shampoo, I used the Lee Stafford original dry shampoo for volume not because I don't wash my hair. To be honest, I love to wash my hair everyday because the pollution in Bangkok is so bad and also because of the hot and sweaty weather.

That's all I used for the past few months, and btw, this is not sponsored by Loreal and Lee Stafford, I just use it because it works with my hair. 

Do you have any hair care favourite that I should try? 


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