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Monday, 17 October 2016

Current Favourite Nail Vanish (Formula X)

Having heard about the Formula X nail Varnish for a long time, I finally picked it up and give it a go. I went into Stockholm Sephora once and I saw this but it's so expensive that I couldn't spend that much on a nail varnish. However, after the summer sale, I found that it reduced to only 40 SEK which is quite acceptable so I decided to pick it up. 

I'd say that it's such a good quality nail varnish that I think I would spend a full price on it if i had a chance. Sadly, the Formula X doesn't available in Thailand and I really wish it does. I got the colour Paramount, which is a nice light grey colour. I'm quite impressed with the lasting power of this nail varnish as I have it on for over a week and it only chips a lil bit. The brush is easy to apply. I think sometime I only need one coats and it looks good. 

(the peachy colour on my index finger is the Tanya Burr in Peaces and Cream which I think doesn't available anymore)

Overall, this nail varnish brand would be my new favourite but it's sad that I wouldn't be able to find it in my country. 


Monday, 3 October 2016

8 Reasons to Visit Stockholm

I already miss Stockholm even tough I just came back for about a month, so I thought why not share with you reason why this is the great city that you should visit once in your life time. I found many things that are so impressive and here are my 8 reasons to visit Stockholm! 

1. The old Town : No one would visit Stockholm without visiting the Gamla Stan or the old town of Stockholm. I love wondering around the old town and go to small cafes in that area. I found that the price is a bit expensive there but for the atmosphere, it's wroth to spend a day in Gamla Stan. I love the orange and yellow building in that area, it's such a good location for taking pictures!

2. Shopping : Of course, one of my favourite things to do is shopping, and when you come to H&M hometown, it means super cheap and great clothing. I love wondering around the Drottning Gatan, which is like the Oxford Street of Sweden. There are many shop like Zara or River Island, and there are also many Swedish brand like Monki, Vera Moda, or Bik Bok as well. I also love to go to NK, which is the old department store in Stockholm. They sells luxury brand like Burberry or Micheal Kors, and variety of brand you'd found in Harrods or some place like that.

3.The Accommodation : We all know that the Scandinavian home decor is the best style in the world! I got this apartment from abnb which is considered expensive for the rental price but I only stay there for 2 months and there is no place available anymore so I have to get this place. I'd say that it's such a great apartment and the interior and decor is just unreal! It's so clean and make me feel like living in my home. I found that most of the apartment will be decorated in this style and this is like a dream come true to have a Scandinavian-style flat.

4.The Weather : As I love cold weather, this is my dream. Ever though it was hot during a couple week, but overall the weather is so nice and sunny. I'd say that I prefer the weather here more than in my hometown which is so hot and humid.

5. The People : I've met so many people while I working here both Thai and Swedish. I found that most people I met is so nice. All Swedish people is so friendly and willing to help. I even met a Swedish lady that can't speak english but she was trying to help me for the bus to get home :)

6. The Food : I'd say that food here is better than in UK. I love smoked salmon and they do the best here in Stockholm. I went to the restaurant called The Tradition, which now relocated to the Gamla Stan. They do the best smoked salmon and also the best traditional Swedish food, so I'd recommend you visit here if you have a chance to go to Stockholm.

For the Bakery and coffee, I'd say that I love the Rosendal Traggard, which is a lil cafe in the middle of the garden. Beside the tasty bakery and food, they also sell a plant and flower as well.

7. The Nature : It's amazing that Stockholm is the city that full of calm nature even only 15 minutes far from the city centre. In my hometown, 15 minutes drive is just only my house to the university and it's so busy and tensed. I found that even the area I live in Stockholm, you only walk 5 minutes to a woods and it's so quiet and peaceful.

8. Dogs!! : I love that people bring their dog out for a walk and bring their dog everywhere with them. It's rare in Thailand that people will bring their pets out so I'm very excited to see many amazing dogs around Stockholm.

That's all for the reason I love Stockholm so much and I hope you will have a chance to explore this beautiful city as I do.