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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Kiko Eyeliner

When I was visit the Mall of Scandinavia, the first shop I noticed there is the Kiko Milano. I've been waiting to go to the store as we don't have Kiko in Thailand. I have a look around and don't know what to purchase except a good eyeliner. 

I ask the last at the shop whether they have a good water-prof eyeliner and she recommend this for me. It's the Kiko Out of Bound Eyeliner, which unfortunately I can't find this in their website anymore because it's the limited edition one. 

I would say that It's very water-proof that the Micelle water alone cannot clean it. I have to use my Lancome makeup remover that has the blue oil in it to remove. This is very suitable if you're going somewhere like a beach or swimming because it stay all day and doesn't smudge at all. It's very easy to apply and it's also very black and a lil bit shiny. It has a hard tip which make it easy to apply and draw a perfect cat eye look.

 The only downside about this eyeliner is the packaging. The lid is very hard to open which might be good of you're travelling but if you're in hurry. This is not the one to open on the go. 

I'd say that this is the eyeliner that worth the price you pay and this is the most durable eyeliner I've ever tried (it's so long-lasting that it's hard to take off). This retails for 105 SEK in Sweden but it's limited edition so I'm quite sure whether you'll be able to find it or not. 

Have you ever tried the Kiko eyeliner? 


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