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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Addition to my skincare routine : Aug-Sep 2016

After coming back to my home country, the first store I went when I go to the mall is the Japanese beauty store! When I was in stockholm I ran out of my cleansing oil and it's weird that you rarely find any cleansing oil in Sweden. I found that even Clinique doesn't sell their Take the day off cleansing oil there, which is quite abnormal. 

The fist thing I went and pick up is the Kose Softymo Deep cleansing oil. Normally I use my DHC deep cleansing oil and the Bodyshop one but I ran out of it so I decided to try out something more affordable. The first thing I'd say about this product is it smells so good. It has an orangy scent. I feel that the consistency is quite similar to the DHC cleansing oil but it's harder to wash off. And unfortunately, even tough I love the scent of it so much that I want to use it everyday, this break me out so bad. 

After I had a bad reaction with the Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, I decided to went back to my old favourite which is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I had nothing much to complain about this one. It's so natural that it smell like an olive oil. It's so easy to wash off and it takes only 20 seconds to rub off all of your makeup. 

The next thing is the Mario Badescu facial spray which I picked up from Sephora online. As recently my skin is in kinda bad condition due to the hot weather and pollution, I decide to tried something new that I hope could improve the condition of my skin. I heard many people talk about this face spray and they use it as a toner it prime before applying your makeup. I decide to try one and overall after using it for one week, I feel that my skin is a lil bit clearer but not too much different. I'll keep using it and see whether it will help clear my skin out or not. If does help, you'll see this in a favourite post soon. 

Next thing is the spot treatment from Origins, which I picked up in a last minute in a duty-free, Arlanda Airport. I heard JosieLDN talk about it a while ago but I never get to tried them as it's quite expensive compare to the size. The reason I pick it up is because my face get a lot of breakout during my very last week in Sweden and I though I have to invest in something that will help to counteract my spot. I put it on before the flight and I can see some of the spot on my face actually dried out when I arrived home which is amazing. I continue using it for a week and I'm really impressed with this treatment, and I think it will last forever as you only need just less than a drop for one spot. 

The last thing I recently bought is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. The story behind this one is I used to bought one and use when I was in Stockholm and I react badly to this cleansing water. The formula that they sell there contain alcohol, which I allergic to. However, I decided to try it again with the formula they bought out in Thailand and I feel that it's different. The one I have here is actually different and I love this one more than any cleansing water I've ever use.  

Do you have any new product to try out this month? 


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