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Friday, 12 August 2016

Bunch of H&M makeup


To be honest, I'm really exiting to come to Stockholm partly for H&M make up as I heard that they did quite a good job. I went to H&M recently just to buy one eyeliner and end up without any eyeliner but a bunch of makeup.

First things I pick up is the powder blusher and velvet cream blusher. I'd say that it both super pigmented that you have to be careful when applying. The colour of the powder blush (Cotton Candy) is quite strong and but it turns out to be a pretty violet pink if you blend it with the foundation powder. The powder blusher doesn't last all day but compared to the price, it's not bad. However, the cream blusher (Hot Pink) turns out to be very impressive. The colour is beautiful and I turn out to be velvet as the name said. And even though my face tend to be quite oily in dry weather, this last all day.

Next is the bronzing powder in shade Golden Honey. This is a matte bronzing powder which I found it's a lil bit to light for my skin tone. However, you can apply it all over your face using a fan brush or a big loose brush to create a tanning look, which I like. This is not the one for contouring as it's quite orangy.

After grabbing a couple things, I found 2 shades of eyeshadow were on sale for 10SEK each so I decided to get both. I'd say both are not that pigmented but it's perfect for everyday use. I use it a lil bit in my crease and it give like a shadowy look but not too pigmented like Urban Decay eyeshadow. This not to best but a good one compared to the price. The green one is in the shade Mediterranea, and the another one is the Dark Crystal.

The last thing I picked it up because of the packaging, which looks so high end and beautiful to hold and apply. The H&M Creamy Lipstick in shade Macaroon is so pigmented. The colour turned out to be bright nude and it did stay for a long time. However, it's quite dry for me so I think it needs a layer of lip balm before applying.

That's all I have bought. Overall I'm quite impressed by the makeup range and I wish it will be available in Thailand soon!

Have you ever tried any makeup product from H&M? 


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