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Friday, 29 July 2016

Photo Diary : Kungsholm Strand

We took the T-bana to St.Erikplan.

We walk to the riverside.

We bought an ice-cream. 

We enjoy! 


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

& Other Stories : Sirocco Sands

What would be better than a pamper night with a fresh-scented products?

After a few week living in Stockholm, my skin get so dry because of the weather. I ran out of all of the moisturiser I bring with me from Thailand so I decided to find some new one. I heard from some website that &other stories does a good bodycare, so I decided to pick up some products. I go for a fresh scented called "Sirocco Sands".

The first thing I pick up is the Body Souffle. I don't know if it's different from the body butter but it basically does the same job. It's not as greasy as the other body butter but it make my skin so soft and moisturised.

I also pick up a body scrub in the same scent. I felt like this is a sea salt scrub as the bead is quite chunky and it melted after you rub it to the skin. It doesn't irritate my skin, which I love as I have quite sensitive skin.

The last thing is the body mist. I'd say that this is the least favourite thing I pick up for several reason. Firstly, the scent doesn't stay on anything you spray it on and secondly, the scent from the mist, even it's the same scent, doesn't seem to be as good as the body soufflĂ© and the scrub. However, I think it's perfect for spray in the baht room to make it smells good! 

That's all things from the Sirocco Sands range I've tried. Have you ever tried any &Other Stories body care? 


Monday, 25 July 2016

Photo Diary : The Drottningholm

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The trip to Sweden would not be completed without going to the Drottningholm Palace.

Me and my friends went there last weekend and we enjoy it so much. We took T-bana (or tubes in UK) , then we took a bus. It's not far from central Stockholm and not the hard to go without having a car.

We are lucky that we went on a lovely sunny day. I'm really impressed with the Palace, it's so gigantic and spacious compared to the Grand Palace in Gamla Stan.

Have you ever visited the Drottningholm Palace?


Monday, 18 July 2016

Isa Dora Liquid Liner

I'm an eyeliner addict person so it would be impossible to come to Sweden and not trying Swedish Eyeliner. 

The Isa Dora Colourful eyeliner was recommended to me that it's the best eyeliner I could found here. At first I'm quite hesitate about the price as it's higher than normal high-street but not the high-end price. The first thing I like about this is the applicator is exactly the same as the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner, which I love. It gives a very defined matte black and it does look so beautiful on the eyes. 

There's two things I don't like about this eyeliner. The first one is that it claims for water-resistance but it doesn't and it does smudge throughout the day. The lasting power is not the best but if you don't have oily eyelid, this would be fine. Another thing is it irritates my eye a bid which some eyeliners do but most don't. 

I'd say that for the colour, it's so matte and black and easy to use. However, the lasting power is not the best and it's not the most gentle eyeliner you can expect. I think it's because I have Asian eye and the eyelid tend to get oily, so this one doesn't work for me. 

Have you every try Swedish eyeliner?