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Saturday, 25 June 2016

What I Eat In a Day : Weekend

Being in Stockholm make me eat a lot healthier. I've been enjoying food here a lot that I think why not do what I eat in a day post. I always enjoy watching what people eat as I'm trying to be more healthy and eat less junk food. 

Today I have my most favourite breakfast which is the avocado on toast with some smoked salmon. Swedish salmon is the best I've ever try (so far), and it's really cheap compared to the price back there in Thailand. The avocado is also taste better here, so I think this might be my go to breakfast menu from now on as it's so goooooood!

I went to town and have some craving for Indian food, so I google for "the best indian restaurant in Stockholm" and the result suggests me to go to the little India around Hötogret. I decided to try the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is not bad but not as good as Indian food in Thailand. 

And of course, no one could resist a churros!!


For dinner, I ate a Thai-style Shrimp with rice. It's not the healthiest but it's the most delicious Thai food I've ever try.

Here is all I ate in a day. It might not be that healthy but I'm trying to change my eating habit and I wish I could change my addiction to junk food before go back to Thailand. 


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