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Friday, 3 June 2016

All time Favourite Nail shade

I know this colour might not be appropriate to talk about in summer time, but I've been wearing this colour all year long without caring about the season. This is the Yves Rocher Gel Effect Nail varnish in colour Mysterious Plum.

I bought it in gel formula which is really what the name say. It super shiny and thick like what gel nails suppose to be. Sometime I just need one coats and it's done. I love this colour so much as I ran out of my old Revlon one in quite the same dark red colour.

This nail varnish last for a week, which I think is the average for drugstore price one. I love that it's so shiny and thick so I don't have to put on base and top coat with it. The only thing I don't like about it is it does stain a bit when you take it off, but the colour would be gone after a shawer or bath.

Overall, this is quite a good drugstore nail varnish which I love the colour a lot and also the formula is not bad.

Do you have any favourite nail varnish? 


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