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Sunday, 19 June 2016

5 Beautiful Shades of Nude Nail Varnish

Speaking of Nail Varnishes, nude is my go to colour as it's not too bold and appropriate for every occasion. I have many favourite nude nail varnishes that I always get compliment on when I wear and I think I should shard it with you guy. 

The first one is the Pupa Nail Varnish, which come with the Party Queen Nail Set. I don't know the exact colour of this one but it's quite a beige nude. It's not glossy so you might need top coat over this and it takes around 3 coats for a perfect colour. This last like an average nail varnishes for about 4 days.

Next is the Body Shop Colour Crush Nail colours in shade 730 Almond Kiss. This is the most natural and closest to my skin tone among 5 nail varnishes I picked. It's so glossy and took only 2 coats to get to perfect colour so it's easy to apply and last quite long for about a week.

For the pinky nude shade, I'd recommend the Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnishs in Shade Cotton Candy. This last for a week without chipping and it's such a beautiful colour which is perfect for spring and summer. 

For my most favourite nude Nail Varnishes, the Tanya Burr Nail Varnishes in shade Peace and Cream get the prize. This is by far my most favourite one in terms of colours and formula. It's so glossy without top coats and it last so long that I have to take it off because it doesn't chip for a week long. However, I can't find it anymore as it's only available in UK :(

The last one is quite a love-hate one I choose. The Catrice Luxury Nude Nail Varnishes in no.07 is so beautiful satin finish nude with a lil bit of shimmer in it. However, this chip so easily that only the second day, it's quite destroy.

Do you have any favourite nude Nail Varnish shade? 


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