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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

What's in My Bag : Travel Edition

My flight is coming up soon, and that couldn't be more perfect time to do what's in my bag, travel edition blog post. I always love to watch people What's in my bag vide on youtube and read blog post so today I think I'll share mine but in different version.

As I'm taking a long-haul international flight which took me 10 hours from Bangkok to Stockholm, I need my laptop and iPad mini with me. Even though I don't think I'm gonna use it that much but it's good to have something to entertain you a bit.

I also have my head phone because I need to listen to music. This is the Marshall Mode which is the best investment for headphone for me! This is noise cancelling but not totally cut you out from outside world. I don't like headphone that you put on and hear nothing outside at all.

And of course, I have my passport and wallet. My card holder is from Mango, which is so handy as it has coin pocket on the other side. I also have my journey from Muji and a pen to write something down if I needed.

My sunglasses is the dupe for something which I don't know what exactly the brand is, it's from Cotton On. And I also carry a portable phone charger, which is so beautiful as it's in the wooden print and it charge my iPhone up to 5 times! The last thing is my makeup and skincare bag which have all of my beauty essential for travelling.

That's all in my handbag for travelling, I do have some other things like a spare outfit and undies in my carry on bag. I separate them because I have so much stuff to take with as it's very long direct flight and I'm going to stay there for quite long.

What's you essential for travelling? 


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