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Monday, 16 May 2016

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

It's been a while that I write post about my favourite lip balm. I want to do that post again as I've found another favourite one. I still love my Bobbi Brown Lip Balm but sometime it's inconvenient to dip your finger in a pot of lip balm. 

I heard about this Fresh Sugar Lip Balm for a while but I haven't have enough justification to buy it as it's so pricy and I still have many good one including the Bobbi Brown. 

What's changed my mind is one day, Sephora open online shop in Thailand and you'll get free shipping plus double point when you order so I think why not try a fresh sugar lip balm when I'll get free shipping and birthday discount as well. So I decided to get one in shade Honey.

First thing I'd say is the packaging is so much better than average lip balm. It heavy and well-made. The only downside of this kind packaging is that it get scratched so easily and is would not look beautiful for a long time. 

The consistency is very different from other lip balm. I'd say that it's very easy to melt in hot weather but it's super moisturising. The colour is so much more pigmented that other coloured lip balm I've tried.

Overall, I'd recommend this if you want to invest in a goods lip product. I'd say I love it but I can't carry it out that much in Thai weather because it will easily melted. I think this'd be very appropriate with a colder weather. 

Do you interested in trying the Fresh Sugar lip balm?


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