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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

4 Good Things

I think non-beauty post would be perfect for a long holiday that I haven't use any beauty product and stay home lazying around. Here are 4 good things that I've done this week. 

no.01 : I get to write a blog post! Normally I don't have time at uni to write post to focusing on my blog but it's a holiday, I put all my university work aside and working mainly on my blog which I'm so happy about.

no.02 : I give my face a break from make as I don't have to go anywhere. My face has break out so bad lately so I give a break and pamper myself so it can recover better.

no.03 : I rearrange my room!! My makeup table used to have only small mirror from Ikea which I think works fine but now I have a huge mirror attached to my wall which is brilliant!!

no.04 : I can gat away from social. By this I mean I don't have to met anyone. It doesn't mean that I hate people or something like that but sometime you need a break. Last week I felt so tried talking to people around me, but not in the way that I hate them, so a lil break would be nice. 

Here's all things for this week. Do you have any good thing happened? 

1 comment:

  1. Great post. That lip gloss looks beautiful.