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Saturday, 23 April 2016

What I've learnt from my first year blogging

Can we call it an anniversary that I've been doing this blog for 1 year. I've learnt many things after I do blogging for a hobby that I want to share with you who are interested in doing so.
  • Blogging is not easy but not that hard : You'll find some part of doing the blog hard for you but there'll be some part that you enjoy doing. For me, I enjoy taking photo and thinking about content so much, however, I found writing the post itself quite hard for me as I'm not a native English speaker.

  • Instagramable : I understand the word "Instagramable" after star blogging. As I enjoy taking photo so much, I found that I love to find the scene for taking beautiful photo and when I found a good lighting, I always take my phone out and take some photo. 

  • Photography equipment : I never think that taking photo in natural light would make a huge different from taking it from studio light. I found myself interested in investing in a god photography equipment more than before and I'm regret investing in all of photographing thing because you can use it in many occasion.

  • Be yourself : I've learnt to be myself in any thing I do in my blog because it's my space. I've learnt from reading many blog that everyone is being his/her self, and that's what make a blog interesting. 

  • Take the most appropriate way : I found that the best way to do the blog is that do it in the most appropriate way for yourself. Choose the time and the blog post style that's most suitable for yourself, and it would create the best of your blog.

Here is all the thing I can think about now. I didn't regret start blogging at all, I found that it's a good hobby for those of you who interested in anything and you want to share your idea/thought with others. 


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