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Monday, 11 April 2016

Good Bronzer Don't Break Your Bank

There's no reason not to like a good budget bronzers. Recently I have an obsession with conturing and highlighting that I tried many high-street bronzers to find if there is some good one out there. 

I found The Collection Contour Kit which has both highlighter and contour powder. I'm not a fan of their highlight as it's too white and not give that much glow. However, the bronzer is great and suit my skin tone so well. The bronzer is matte but highlighter has a lil bit of shimmer that you can't notice on your face. This is great for beginner as the pigment is not too strong but you can build it up. 

Next bronzer is well-known one, The Rimmel Natural Bronzer. This might not be as great as the Collection one in contouring but I use it as a blush sometime to give a lil of sun kiss to my face. It's quite orange for contouring (for my skin tone). But I love it as a blush and top with a lil of shimmery highlighter. 

I don't know whether I should call it bronzer or highlighter. It's the Collection Shimmer Shades Way to go. This perfectly as blush or top on you contouring. I use it separately by colour. I often use the dark brown one on top of contouring a lil bit to give a hint of glow. And the other 3 work so well together as blush and highlighter. 

That's all my favourite bronzer so far. Do you have any recommendation for high-street bronzer?


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