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Friday, 1 April 2016

Favourite Account From Instagram

Instagram would probably be one of my most favourite apps to go through because it means people around the world can share picture together. I have my most favourite Instagram account that I always stalking. 

First is @Amelialiana, she is Youtuber and Blogger. I love her style of photo and her blog is also amazing. Her youtube video and her vlog is also really great. I enjoy watch her beauty video so much as whatever she use tend to suit my skin. 


Next is @ArabellaGolby She has the nicest fashion style ever! I love how she dress because I can't dress like that in my country. She is beautiful! 

Talking about blogger and instagran, it's impossible not to talk about @Kate.lavie. She has an amazing blog and the most amazing home interior ever. I wish I could live in the apartment like hers.  

The lodoner @RosieLondoner has amazing travel pic that I love to see. She travels and took such a nice photo that make me wanna follow her where she go. She also has an amazing blog which I love to read. 

Last one is @stockholm, as the name say, it's about Stockholm. I love to see the instragram account that is about city in Europe because it's so beautiful and as this account make me so excited for my internship in Stockholm.

Do you have any Instagram favourite?


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