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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

After I use my Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil for a while, I decided to try something else for cleansing. I discovered the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil from one the the Japanese Youtuber which I can't remember the name.

I'd say that I love this cleansing oil as much as I love my bodyshop one. It make my skin so clean after using it then wash off whit warm water. The texture is lighter than the bodyshop one and it does smell like olive oil. Some people struggle with breakout when using it but I found no problems with my skin as I use warm water to wash it off.

For the moisture, this can make your skin a lil bit dry (as I have dry skin) but it's fine if you use moisturiser  afterward. I think this is so natural for your skin. This cleansing is quite hard to find and I'd say that it's more expensive that my Bodyshop one. I found these in the Japanese Supermarket for 470THB (10£) per bottle (70ml).

I'd recommend trying this if you could find one, it really good in clean heavy makeup and does leave your skin very clean.

Have you ever try Japanese cleansing oil?


Monday, 28 March 2016

Empty Product No.02

After a while using many products, I managed to finished some of the product which some I love but some not. Today I'll take you through things that I finished and giving a lil review of them. 

  • Boots fragrance free cleansing wipes : I decided to get this because I cannot get the simple wipes in my country. I'd say that it didn't break me out but didn't do anything to my skin. After using this to clean your makeup, you still need to use micelle water to clean it. I use this after using my cleansing oil to make sure that there's nothing left on my face. 

  • Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil : This is my second bottle because I love it so much. However, after discovering the bodyshop tea tree oil, I switch to that one as it make my skin less dry but still does the great job getting rid of spot on my face. If you don't have problems with dry skin, this would probably be great for you.

  • Kate Eyeliner : This eyeliner is not that good in the way that it stain. It last all day and very hard to take off. It's perfect if you have some event that you need your eyeliner to last for 24hrs or something like that. I think for everyday use, it's too intense. 

  • Revlon Nail Varnish : This is the shade 570 Vixen. I really love the finish and the colour of this nail varnish. But the lasting power is quite short as it only last for 3 day then chip off. I'd not repurchase if I found this beautiful shade in other brand that last longer. 

  • Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner : This is my most favourite liquid liners of all time but sadly it discontinued in Thailand and I cannot find it anywhere. This last all day even I go to the gym or be in the hottest place in the world. I found that the tip make it very easy to apply and the lasting power is also great.

  • Topshop Brow Pencil : I get this when I was in UK and I love it so much. The pencil is not too hard but not too soft. It give a nice colour as it's not too orange. I found most of the Asian brow pencil tend to be too orange or too yellow for my hair colour. The brush at the end is quite hard but it's okay for the price.

Do you have any empty this month?