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Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Siberian Body Butter Obsession

After a while searching for a great body cream, I found the Natura Sebirica Rejuvenating Body Cream.

At first I was not certain about this brand because I never heard of it before and I can't read anything because it's all Russian. 

In their website, this product claimed to make your skin looks younger as it's anti-aging body cream. I don't feel that it make any huge different or my skin just not look that aged.

I love the smell and how it make my skin so soft after using. This body butter doesn't make your skin greasy after using it, some I used to use sink in but leave the greasy texture on my skin.

Overall, it's better than what I think at first and this really give you the feeling of the expensive body butter. The smell is unique in a good way. I think I'll keep using it and this product would last for ages because it's so huge! 

Do you fancy trying some Russian Body Butter? 


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