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Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Last Year In Uni

It comes to my last year that I will officially stay in the uni. I've learn so many things that I wish I could go back in time and start my uni life again. I experience many type of friends and many type of people I don't ever think exist in this world. 

Here are things that I think most prominent so far :
  1. Don't hesitate to try : I used to fear of trying new things when I first start uni as the Thai education system is quite restrict, I'm afraid to try new things but I met so many friends and some of them open my new point of view for things that I've never tried before. 
  2. You can be different : In high school, you might found that jumping on a bandwagon with friend is things to do, but in uni, it's quite cool to be different (in a positive way). I found myself dress in the way that I felt confident and I love that people don't judge you if you are different.
  3. GPA does matter even some say it doesn't : I think GPA and Degree are important to me because I'd love to work in an organisation or something related to my field. It might not be the same for everyone but better GPA can help me to get to work in a place I love. 
  4. Choose the right subject : I used to think that if I choose the course that none of my friend are in, I'd feel lonely. It's not! I found some new friends because I choose the course that none of my friend are in and I rely more on myself and be more responsible for my work. 
  5. Do best on the first year : I found that first year of uni is the year that I don't pay attention to study at all, and I regret it because if you do well on the first year, the rest will be good. 

Here are all things I wish I knew since the first year. 

Do you have any thing you would like to do in uni? 


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