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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Winter Skincare Add-Up

As winter means dry skin for me, I decide to add something new for my skincare routine a bit. 

Even though the weather here is not that cold but the weather make my skin dry and more dehydrated. 

I stopped using my Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil for a while as I didn't have any big breakout and also run out of it. I recently got a bodyshop member card so I changed to The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. I don't think it will make any different because it's both 100% tea tree oil, but it does. I feel like my new Body Shop one is more gentle. It doesn't make my skin dry or feel irritating, and the consistency is more like an oil then the Thursday Plantation one. 

I heard from Amelia Liana again that she love this HydraQuench Cream Mask Mask from Clarins. It's for dehydrated skin. I'm not quite sure about this at the beginning because it contain fragrance, but after using it, I feel a huge different. It feel like your skin become super hydrated again. 

Last add-up item is the Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Eye Creme. I also not sure about this one because I have no idea and never use any eye cream before. I got a sample size of this eye cream and I thought I should use something for my eye. I use this about a week now and I haven't yet feel any different except it moisturise my under-eye area.

Here is all I added to my skincare routine lately. 

Do you have any winter skincare recommendation? 


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