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Thursday, 21 January 2016

When Anime Come to Cosmetic

Recently I take another trip to MatsuKiyo (Japanese Drugstore) and I found the Sailor Moon eyeliner that is too cute to resist buying. I love Sailor Moon so much when I was a kid. If you never heard of this cartoon before, it's a Japanese cartoon back in 1990s. 

At first I just think this eyeliner is cute but not probably the best. I admitted that it's quite pricy for a hughstreet eyeliner, it cost 600thb (around 13£). The eyeliner shape looks like a wand in the Anime (Japanese cartoon) which is very cute! 

The brush is actually a brush like any other Japanese eyeliner tip. The tip is very fine that and easy to use.

 It is available in black and brown. It's water proof and doesn't smudge throughout the day. For me, this is a good eyeliner. It can be compared to the Topshop eyeliner that I love except the Topshop one sometime smudge. 

Overall this eyeliner is far better than what I expect when I bought it so I'd recommend if you could get your hand on! 

Have you ever try any Anime makeup?


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