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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Some Makeup On Trial

Recently I've purchased a couple of things from either hughstreet and high end brand. I'm trying these new products for a week and I think I'd share with you what I think about all of the products I've tried. 

First thing I bought is the Canmake Eye Brow Pencil in shade 02 Marron Brown. I ran out of my Topshop brow pencil and I think why not try Japanese products and see if I like it. I found that it's too hard and only little colour come out. The colour is too golden for my brow and it's quite hard to shape my brow using this. However, the brush on the other end is very good, it's so soft. I prefer the pencil of the Topshop one I used before but if you have blond hair, this might suit you. 

Next thing I got is the Nars Orgasm brush in mini size. I heard of this brush for a very long time since before I start blogging. I'd say that I love this but I'm not gonna purchase a full size one because it does look beautiful but not that beautiful. I found that this give a glow to my skin but after using for a while, I notice that it irritate my skin.

After I couldn't find the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner anywhere, I give up and try a new thing. I found the Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer on a deal in Boots so I decide to pick it up. The applicator is like a sponge, it's not a brush which quite similar to the Collection Fast stroke but a lil bit softer. It become a lacquer consistency when it dry like the name said. This eyeliner stay all day without any smudging which is very god for hot weather. Overall I like this one and I would continue using it to see how long it last.

Do you fancy trying these makeup product? 


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