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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Best of 2015

2015 Already ended means it's time for yearly favourite!!

All of my favourite of favourites are summed up in this post. I feel like doing the favourite of all favourites of this year. So here are all things I love in the past year.

For my skincare favourite, I discovered the Clarins Cream Mask for Dehydrated Skin which I felt in love after my first time using it as it make a huge different. My skin become more hydrated and nourished. The scent is not too strong and it didn't break me out. I used it once or twice a week depend on how dry my face get.

My next favourite is also Clarins. I found Amelia Liana using the Clarins Blur Orchid Oil and she said it's so good, so I decide to try. It make a different as a serum. I love it after using it. I only use it at night before apply anything. I actually love the smell of it. This oil doesn't make me break out again which I found some oils do.

Finally I found my favourite lip balm of the year, it's the Bobbi Brown Lip balm SPF15. I love the formula of this lip balm. The packaging is also lovely as it comes in silver pot. The only thing I don't like about it is sometime there are dust or something contaminate to the lip balm. I prefer the chapstick form but disregard of that point, it's very good lip balm.

My last skincare favourite is the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil. It cleans all of my makeup and doesn't irritate my eye which is perfect for cleansing oil.

For the makeup, I don't have any eyeliner or brow favourite. I found only 3 items I actually love.

I discovered the Diorskin Star Concealer from my friend and I actually love it. It blends beautifully to  the skin and it doesn't come off even in a super hot day during summer. I think it's a bit too expensive but it worth the price.

As I love the Loreal True Match for a long time, I definitely try their new formula. I'd say that I love the consistency of the old formula. However, I get a lot of compliment about my face when I use the new one. I use it alone without the concealer because it's already full-coverage, and also without powder as it's matt and it last all day.

My last makeup favourite is the Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 3, which is the dupe for the Naked 3 palette. I always want the naked 3 palette but I rarely use eyeshadows. I only use eyeshadow when I feel like to so I don't think it would be a great idea if I purchase the Naked palette. This is already a good quality.

I went to the supermarket in the kids section and I spotted the Johnson Body Care Rich Spa. I pick it up because it smells so gooooooood. But after I use it, it does make my skin feel softer and it stay so long on the skin. I'd say that it's perfect for dry skin.

Another discovery is the Body Shop Nail Colours in no.730 Almond Kiss. I think this is the best nail varnish I've used this year. I actually prefer the Tanya Burr one but it's not available in my country so it's the second to the Tanya Burr Nail varnish. It last for a week and it also shiny. Normal nail varnish I've tried only shiny for a day but this one last for 3-4 days.

Here are all my music favourites for 2015. I don't have specific songs that I like, so I link a playlist here.

I have only one movie favourite this year, it's the Paddington (2015). I love this version as the bears is so cute and the animation is great. If you never watch this movie, go watch it!! It such a lovely movie.

Here are all my favourite for 2015. I hope you'll have a wonderful 2016, and see you on Tuesday.


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