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Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Quick Walk In to Japanese Drugstore

I can't deny that Japanese Drugstore look attractive.

Recently, MatsuKiyo, a Japanese drugstore just opened in the shopping centre near my house so I decide to go and take a quick look. I was looking for a good hand cream and lip balms and I found something interesting in there. 

The first one is just a basic lip balm by Menturm. I love the smell of it so much, which some people might don't because it smell like a eucalyptus. It's very cooling when you use it like a mint lip balm but not make your lip dry. It actually better than I expected when I pick it up as it's very cheap. It cost only about 1£ (49baht).

This one is another Menturm Shea Lip Stick which I bought because of the packaging. It's beautiful pink and the material make it feel expensive. The tube is quite similar material to the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara that it's heavy and delicate. The smell is like a Japanese Cherry Blossom, it's so sweet and nice. It also moisturising and don't make my lip dry after using. 

Last thing I picked up is the Moisture Hand Cream. I cannot read that much Japanese so I don't know what is written on the tube. I randomly pick it up as it's only 2 left on the shelf. I didn't expect it to be very good but it actually is! First when I put it on my hand, it smells like eucalyptus then the smell gone and hand cream absorb into my hand and it didn't feel greasy at all.

That's all I picked up form MatsuKiyo. Do you want to explore Japanese Drugstore makeup?


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