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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 Goals and Resolution

Goals and resolution might be boring for some people because not that much people achieved their goals. I feel that the goals for 2016 will be a commitment if I put it on my blog to remind me that I intend to complete these goals by the end of next year, and it would be great if I can do it!

  • Go travel alone : I'm planing that I'll go travel on my own. Not in my hometown or familiar place, I need to get out of my comfort zone. I hope that if I got a chance, I can go and explore the world and I might learn something from being out of my comfort zone. 

  • Read more book : I haven't read much book this year. I read a couple novel and a lot more like the textbook for my study. I always feel like novel give you more emotional experience that the text book. Even though I read many book, but I feel like I need more good novel or books that's not school-related. 

  • Attend more class : Next year will be my last year at uni. I hope I attend more class than I do now. I feel like some class are useless to attend but I hope that the subject I'm interested in would be that interesting so I would feel happy to go to school.

  • Less Soda : I need to drink less Coke seriously. I drink soda almost everyday I go to uni because I love it!! But I think it wouldn't be good for my health in the future, so I think I would drink less but not totally give up.

  • More work out : I never into fitness stuff until around September this year. I think I would work out more next year as it makes me feel good after it. I also want to be more healthy. I think once or twice a week would be possible to do as now I do once a week already.

  • No unwearable fashion item : last year I bought so much stuff that I like or bargain but I never get to wear them. I feel like I should buy stuff that I'm going to wear even though it might cost a lil more. I always shop at forever21 or Topshop when it's sale and get some stuff that is not practical in real life. I got a very beautiful Lyn Around Coat  just because it's on discount and never wear them. 

Do you have any goals for 2016? 

I hope you'll have a wonderful year. 


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