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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Best of 2016

Here I'm back with another traditional blog post at the end of the year, ,my 2016 favourites!

So far, I didn't try that much new product this year but I'm trying to minimise my skincare routine and makeup collection as I don't see the point of having loads of makeup and don't get to use it.

My first favourite is my new discovery this year. I decided to jump on a bandwagon for the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip, which to be honest, I don't think I'm gonna like it. As I ran out of my favourite NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in colour Stockholm, I decided to try the Colourpop in the colour Calypso as the NYX one ran out of stock everywhere, and I fall in love with this lipstick. The packaging I think is more beautiful than the NYX one and the formula is better. This last so long as I eat and also don't dry my lip out.

Since I come back from the UK, no matter how much powder I tried, I always turned back to the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder as it's transparent and keep my face look matte. I have nothing much to say about this powder because I think everyone knows how good it is.

And my yearly favourite could not complete without the YSL Youth Liberal Foundation, which I discovered when I was in Sweden. This is by far the best foundation I've tried. I know that this is so pricy, but I think it worth every SEK I spend. This foundation is not too dry and it's not matte which some people might not like but I think it's perfect without any powder on top even in summer time as I have a very dry skin.

Moving on to skincares, I discover the Mario Badescu Face Spray. I basically use it as the toner before I apply skincare and I found that my skin care absorb a lot quicker. Sometime before I apply makeup, I use this for a lil of moisture as well.

The next one is my random piece of skincare that I pick up in Arlanda Airport. I had a spot on my face, which wasn't go away for a week, and I try this before I get on plane. This thing minimised the spot on my face just in 1 flight (9 hours), and I think it's amazing. The Origins Spot Treatment would be one of my most effective skincare I've ever tried and it last so long as you only need just a lil touch.

My last skincare of the year is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising lotion. I've been using the Gel formula for so long without thinking about trying the lotion one. After I accidentally bought the wrong formula, I decided to give it a try and I found that it works so well with my dry skin even in hot weather. I can feel that my makeup applied so smoothly on this moisturiser without feeling heavy. If you are fan of Clinique moisturiser, give this one a try and you'll love it.

My last favourite that I just discover is the Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub, which I completely fell in love with. After I ran out of my &other stories scrub, I pick up this one randomly as I heard so many people talk about it. At first, I don't like the smell from the jar that much as I think it's too strong, but when I try, it leaves such a nice smell on my skin and also exfoliate the dry skin that I'm struggling with right now.

There's the end of the last blog post of 2016, I hope you had a really nice and festive christmas and Happy new year to ya all! 


Thursday, 22 December 2016


If said that flowers that bloom only once in a hundred year. Why should there not be some that bloom once in a thounsane year. We never know about them because once in thousand year just happened today.

Right under this sky, we are lucky enough to share the lifetime we get...

My life is not a fairy tales that the prince and princess get to love each other in the end.
My hope is not fulfilled.

I try to think everyday that how great it's that I get to know you in person even though I think that I will never get a chance to meet you. It's a huge lesson that no matter how hard you try, if it is not the right one, it is not.

Thank you that you interested in the same hobby as mine so we get to talk.
Thank you that you come to say hi to me that day.
Thank you for making my 12th of December special.
Thank you for making me dare to do something again.
Thank you for talking to me for a period of time.
Thank you for your smile.
Thank you for calling.

And thank you that we know each other.

Rosie will now go offline for a while....

Thursday, 15 December 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip CreamNYX

I can feel that right now about 80% of girl get obsessed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I see it everywhere no matter on Youtube or Blogs. 

The first colour I picked up is Stockholm as I was going to Stockholm in Summer 2016, which is quite random to pick colour of the city you're going. However, I'd say that I'm impressed with the colour and it goes with my skin colour so well. It's a bit pinky but still a nude colour. The formula for this one is actually better than I think it was gonna be as this last after I eat and also don't make my lip dry. 

For my second colour, which is so hard to get my hand on, is London. This is more of a brown nude colour. It's almost inseparable if you look from the tubes but it's actually quite different. I would say that I prefer the Stockholm one as this one is too nude for me. And I don't know that it's just me to this one doesn't last as long as Stockholm. It is rubbed ff so easily and come off after I just drink coffee. I think it might be because of the formula of different colours. 

(The left one is London and another one is Stockholm)

Overall, I love Stockholm more than London but those two colour is quite impressive, so I'd recommend you try this if you're looking for a affordable version of matte lip cream.

Have you ever try this Matte lip cream?

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hair Cair Routine : Coloured Hair Update!

After the second time chopping and colouring my hair, I've changed my hair care routine a bit so that it suit my short and dry hair. I found that the first week after I changed my hair colour, my hair get so dry that I think it's not gonna be normal again. But after a few week using those stuff, it come back to normal condition again thankfully. 

The first step I do when I wash my hair is put the conditioner on wet hair. I usually use the Loreal EverPure Sulfate-free conditioner as my main one. This one make my hair so soft and don't wash out the colour I've done, so good one.

Once a week, I'll use the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment that I heard from one if the Gabby (Velvetgh0st) vlog. I'd say that I see the result of it after using 2 pot of this treatment. My hair grows for about 1.5 inches in one month, which is quite impressive!

After leaving conditioner on my hair for a while, I'll wash it off with shampoo which I'm switching between the Loreal EverPure Sulfate-free moisture shampoo and the Loreal Oleo Therapy oil infused shampoo. I feel like the oil-infused make my hair heavy which I don't like but sometime my hair need a lil of treatment.

For styling, some day I just put an oil a Loreal Extraordinary oil on and leave it that way, or someday I use the Schwarzkopf Daily oil elixir depends on what I'm fancy. For me, those two are not that different but the Schwarzkopf one I picked up in Sweden because I forgot to bring the Loreal one with me.

And for dry shampoo, I used the Lee Stafford original dry shampoo for volume not because I don't wash my hair. To be honest, I love to wash my hair everyday because the pollution in Bangkok is so bad and also because of the hot and sweaty weather.

That's all I used for the past few months, and btw, this is not sponsored by Loreal and Lee Stafford, I just use it because it works with my hair. 

Do you have any hair care favourite that I should try? 


Monday, 17 October 2016

Current Favourite Nail Vanish (Formula X)

Having heard about the Formula X nail Varnish for a long time, I finally picked it up and give it a go. I went into Stockholm Sephora once and I saw this but it's so expensive that I couldn't spend that much on a nail varnish. However, after the summer sale, I found that it reduced to only 40 SEK which is quite acceptable so I decided to pick it up. 

I'd say that it's such a good quality nail varnish that I think I would spend a full price on it if i had a chance. Sadly, the Formula X doesn't available in Thailand and I really wish it does. I got the colour Paramount, which is a nice light grey colour. I'm quite impressed with the lasting power of this nail varnish as I have it on for over a week and it only chips a lil bit. The brush is easy to apply. I think sometime I only need one coats and it looks good. 

(the peachy colour on my index finger is the Tanya Burr in Peaces and Cream which I think doesn't available anymore)

Overall, this nail varnish brand would be my new favourite but it's sad that I wouldn't be able to find it in my country. 


Monday, 3 October 2016

8 Reasons to Visit Stockholm

I already miss Stockholm even tough I just came back for about a month, so I thought why not share with you reason why this is the great city that you should visit once in your life time. I found many things that are so impressive and here are my 8 reasons to visit Stockholm! 

1. The old Town : No one would visit Stockholm without visiting the Gamla Stan or the old town of Stockholm. I love wondering around the old town and go to small cafes in that area. I found that the price is a bit expensive there but for the atmosphere, it's wroth to spend a day in Gamla Stan. I love the orange and yellow building in that area, it's such a good location for taking pictures!

2. Shopping : Of course, one of my favourite things to do is shopping, and when you come to H&M hometown, it means super cheap and great clothing. I love wondering around the Drottning Gatan, which is like the Oxford Street of Sweden. There are many shop like Zara or River Island, and there are also many Swedish brand like Monki, Vera Moda, or Bik Bok as well. I also love to go to NK, which is the old department store in Stockholm. They sells luxury brand like Burberry or Micheal Kors, and variety of brand you'd found in Harrods or some place like that.

3.The Accommodation : We all know that the Scandinavian home decor is the best style in the world! I got this apartment from abnb which is considered expensive for the rental price but I only stay there for 2 months and there is no place available anymore so I have to get this place. I'd say that it's such a great apartment and the interior and decor is just unreal! It's so clean and make me feel like living in my home. I found that most of the apartment will be decorated in this style and this is like a dream come true to have a Scandinavian-style flat.

4.The Weather : As I love cold weather, this is my dream. Ever though it was hot during a couple week, but overall the weather is so nice and sunny. I'd say that I prefer the weather here more than in my hometown which is so hot and humid.

5. The People : I've met so many people while I working here both Thai and Swedish. I found that most people I met is so nice. All Swedish people is so friendly and willing to help. I even met a Swedish lady that can't speak english but she was trying to help me for the bus to get home :)

6. The Food : I'd say that food here is better than in UK. I love smoked salmon and they do the best here in Stockholm. I went to the restaurant called The Tradition, which now relocated to the Gamla Stan. They do the best smoked salmon and also the best traditional Swedish food, so I'd recommend you visit here if you have a chance to go to Stockholm.

For the Bakery and coffee, I'd say that I love the Rosendal Traggard, which is a lil cafe in the middle of the garden. Beside the tasty bakery and food, they also sell a plant and flower as well.

7. The Nature : It's amazing that Stockholm is the city that full of calm nature even only 15 minutes far from the city centre. In my hometown, 15 minutes drive is just only my house to the university and it's so busy and tensed. I found that even the area I live in Stockholm, you only walk 5 minutes to a woods and it's so quiet and peaceful.

8. Dogs!! : I love that people bring their dog out for a walk and bring their dog everywhere with them. It's rare in Thailand that people will bring their pets out so I'm very excited to see many amazing dogs around Stockholm.

That's all for the reason I love Stockholm so much and I hope you will have a chance to explore this beautiful city as I do. 


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Addition to my skincare routine : Aug-Sep 2016

After coming back to my home country, the first store I went when I go to the mall is the Japanese beauty store! When I was in stockholm I ran out of my cleansing oil and it's weird that you rarely find any cleansing oil in Sweden. I found that even Clinique doesn't sell their Take the day off cleansing oil there, which is quite abnormal. 

The fist thing I went and pick up is the Kose Softymo Deep cleansing oil. Normally I use my DHC deep cleansing oil and the Bodyshop one but I ran out of it so I decided to try out something more affordable. The first thing I'd say about this product is it smells so good. It has an orangy scent. I feel that the consistency is quite similar to the DHC cleansing oil but it's harder to wash off. And unfortunately, even tough I love the scent of it so much that I want to use it everyday, this break me out so bad. 

After I had a bad reaction with the Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, I decided to went back to my old favourite which is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I had nothing much to complain about this one. It's so natural that it smell like an olive oil. It's so easy to wash off and it takes only 20 seconds to rub off all of your makeup. 

The next thing is the Mario Badescu facial spray which I picked up from Sephora online. As recently my skin is in kinda bad condition due to the hot weather and pollution, I decide to tried something new that I hope could improve the condition of my skin. I heard many people talk about this face spray and they use it as a toner it prime before applying your makeup. I decide to try one and overall after using it for one week, I feel that my skin is a lil bit clearer but not too much different. I'll keep using it and see whether it will help clear my skin out or not. If does help, you'll see this in a favourite post soon. 

Next thing is the spot treatment from Origins, which I picked up in a last minute in a duty-free, Arlanda Airport. I heard JosieLDN talk about it a while ago but I never get to tried them as it's quite expensive compare to the size. The reason I pick it up is because my face get a lot of breakout during my very last week in Sweden and I though I have to invest in something that will help to counteract my spot. I put it on before the flight and I can see some of the spot on my face actually dried out when I arrived home which is amazing. I continue using it for a week and I'm really impressed with this treatment, and I think it will last forever as you only need just less than a drop for one spot. 

The last thing I recently bought is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. The story behind this one is I used to bought one and use when I was in Stockholm and I react badly to this cleansing water. The formula that they sell there contain alcohol, which I allergic to. However, I decided to try it again with the formula they bought out in Thailand and I feel that it's different. The one I have here is actually different and I love this one more than any cleansing water I've ever use.  

Do you have any new product to try out this month? 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Adjö för nu...

It's time to say goodbye to the most beautiful city I've ever live in. 

I have  such a priceless experience and meet a lot of nice people both Thai and Swedish. 
Thank you for having me Stockholm! 

Ha det så bra,

adjö för nu....

But not for long


Monday, 12 September 2016

Photo Diary : Bergainska Trädgården

Hello there! This is (sadly) the last post about place I go to in Stockholm. I spent my last week end at the Bergainska Trädgården, which is the Botanic Garden in Stockholm University. I've always wish to visit a garden in Europe with a nice weather. The day I went wasn't that nice but it's okay as it's still cold a bit. 

After walking around for a while, I stop at the Gamla Orangeriet. It's a cafe inside the garden, which you can come and have a nice cake without paying to go inside the green house. It's a nice place to hang out with friend and the food is very nice too.

I hope I can come here again. 


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Kiko Eyeliner

When I was visit the Mall of Scandinavia, the first shop I noticed there is the Kiko Milano. I've been waiting to go to the store as we don't have Kiko in Thailand. I have a look around and don't know what to purchase except a good eyeliner. 

I ask the last at the shop whether they have a good water-prof eyeliner and she recommend this for me. It's the Kiko Out of Bound Eyeliner, which unfortunately I can't find this in their website anymore because it's the limited edition one. 

I would say that It's very water-proof that the Micelle water alone cannot clean it. I have to use my Lancome makeup remover that has the blue oil in it to remove. This is very suitable if you're going somewhere like a beach or swimming because it stay all day and doesn't smudge at all. It's very easy to apply and it's also very black and a lil bit shiny. It has a hard tip which make it easy to apply and draw a perfect cat eye look.

 The only downside about this eyeliner is the packaging. The lid is very hard to open which might be good of you're travelling but if you're in hurry. This is not the one to open on the go. 

I'd say that this is the eyeliner that worth the price you pay and this is the most durable eyeliner I've ever tried (it's so long-lasting that it's hard to take off). This retails for 105 SEK in Sweden but it's limited edition so I'm quite sure whether you'll be able to find it or not. 

Have you ever tried the Kiko eyeliner? 


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Photo Diary : Hornstulls Marknad and The Hallwyl Museum

It's such a nice sunny weather to wonder around the city of Stockholm and explore some local market. Last week, I was told to have a visit to the Honstull Weekend Market. Me and my friend decided to go there and grab some lunch. 

The food was very nice that I forgot to take a photo..

Then we went to the Hallwyska Museet, which was the house of the nobel in Sweden. The house was massive and inside is beautiful. It's great to see how their live and also see the architecture of the nobel house.

I wish that every weekend, I could travel around Stockholm and explore more and more new place..