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Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Everyday Festive Jewellery

Good Morning on the Christmas Eve! 

As I got a festive piece of jewellery added to my collection, this time of the year is perfect to do the post about things I wear every day since the beginning of December. 

I wear my Mi fitness bands everyday even though I don't usually go to the gym. I set the goal that I'll walk 7000 steps a day, which has not much achieved. And I also wear my silver plain bracelet which I don't know where it's from because it's a gift from my aunt a year ago.

I also got a festive Silver Rado charm long time ago and I took it off as it's not yet christmas season. I wear this bracelet everyday since I got it. It's Pandora style that you can add more beads. 

My everyday earring is quite simple and easy to wear. Both pairs of earring are gift from my friend. I always wear the flower one on the lower piecing and the plain one on the upper piecing. It looks really nice together. I love that it's not a kind of earring that has 2 parts and you have to be careful because I always losing that kind of earring. 

What do you think about my choice? 


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