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Sunday, 6 December 2015


Having been through my old collection of perfume, I rediscovered the 4711 Cologne that I haven't used for so long.

Introducing to the famous cologne, no one wouldn't know 4711. I used to carry a mini bottle in my bag and out some of scarf to make it smell nice.

The 4711 Nouveau Cologne Eau de Cologne is my most favourite of all item I have because it come in a spray bottle. The original bottle of 4711 doesn't have the spray.

the 4711 Tissues is so easy to carry around

This brand has long history back in 1799, and over 200 years, they use the same formula of cologne. I love to use the original bottle as a decoration as it looks vintage and become a good pop of colour to my room. The unique smell of 4711 is so refresh and cool, and sometime I found it relaxing as the scent is not too strong. 

Have you ever tried 4711? 


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