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Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy 25th of December!

Normally I don't post on Friday, but today I just want to do a quick post to say Merry Christmas and Wish you a very Happy New Year. 

It has been almost 1 year since I start blogging even though I had been absent for a couple month. 

Thank you very much who read my blog and next year, I'll keep posting on my blog and there will be something exciting going on. 

Merry Christmas everyone! 


Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Everyday Festive Jewellery

Good Morning on the Christmas Eve! 

As I got a festive piece of jewellery added to my collection, this time of the year is perfect to do the post about things I wear every day since the beginning of December. 

I wear my Mi fitness bands everyday even though I don't usually go to the gym. I set the goal that I'll walk 7000 steps a day, which has not much achieved. And I also wear my silver plain bracelet which I don't know where it's from because it's a gift from my aunt a year ago.

I also got a festive Silver Rado charm long time ago and I took it off as it's not yet christmas season. I wear this bracelet everyday since I got it. It's Pandora style that you can add more beads. 

My everyday earring is quite simple and easy to wear. Both pairs of earring are gift from my friend. I always wear the flower one on the lower piecing and the plain one on the upper piecing. It looks really nice together. I love that it's not a kind of earring that has 2 parts and you have to be careful because I always losing that kind of earring. 

What do you think about my choice? 


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Brownie or Cookie?

As new year is coming up, I decided to bake something interesting for my blog. Last year I made this Lily Pebble's Brookie last year and it tastes so gooooooood. 

Here is her recipe for this brookies. I recommend baking it if you like brownie and a soft cookies.

I write this blog post because I love to bake there all year round and why not share it with you!! 

Have you try the amazing Brookie?


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Wish List

I can't believe it's almost the end of December now and Christmas is coming. I haven't posted anything the past week due to my crazy final examination. 

I think it'd be fun to share some christmas wish-list here. Many people do this and I think it's fun to know what others really want for christmas. 

I have a beauty-related and fashion-related wish list in today post. I really want a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow and I spotted some youtuber use the Eyeshadow Palette in Vintage Wamp. I think this would be the perfect eyeshadow as it's not too big and I can use it everyday because I love the purple-red tone eyeshadow so much. 

I also want to try the Clarins Instant Lip Comfort Oil as my lip gets so dry right now and even my Bobbi Brown lip balm could not help. 

The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Morning Cleansing Balm is interesting. I've never tried a cleansing balm before and I saw many Youtubers using this and they said it is amazing.

As I stop using my wallet and only carry a card holder for a while, I think I should get a nice one. I wish I could get one from Whistle as it looks really nice, but Whistle isn't available in my country so I couldn't get it.

As I lost my every earrings in the middle of nowhere, I think an everyday earrings might be great to get for christmas. I found some from Accessorise. I love the Rose Hexagon Drop Earring because it's rose gold and it's not too big or too smart so I can wear it everyday. The Mini Deco Stud is also in my wish list as it looks similar to my old one.

Here is all my wish list for christmas, I wish I could get some of them for christmas and I know I'm not gonna get all of them obviously because it isn't available in my country :(

What's on your wish-list this year?


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Majolica Majorca brow mascara

As I have my hair coloured recently to the medium brown colour, I need something to make my brow go along with my hair. I discover the SHISEIDO MAJOLICA MAJORCA Brow & Lash colour list Eyebrow mascara in shade BR555 which is the darker one. They have 2 colours, the lighter and darker. I felt that the light one is slightly too light so I pick the darker one up. 

The brush is small but s lil bigger than the Benefit gimme brow and it get quite a lot of product. You need to be a lil careful when applying it as the product is quite liquidy. The colour go along well with my hair and lightening up my face. I don't recommend use this with your lash as it will smudge under your eye. This does not make your brow get hard after using like some clear brow gel does.

The price is very reasonable at 300THB or around 6£. I'd say that it's a good drugstore brow tint if you would like to experience the brow gel.

Do you want to try the Majolica brow mascara?


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Organic Cafe Discovery!

One day, me and my friend don't know where to go for a good food, we randomly found this organic cafe. 

The Farm to Table is a small cafe around the central Bangkok area. It located in the Paklong Talard. 

Grilled Chicken Salad
Lemon-Vanilla tea
Vanilla beans ice-cream
Soy Milk Parfait

The food here is so nice and fresh. It's quite hard to find a good salad place around my uni. The ice cream is also nice. 

The prices is very reasonable for a good food. It's not as expensive as some restaurant. I'd say that it's quite cheap for the coffee and ice-cream. 

If you love organic stuff, this place is a must to come and enjoy the super yummy food for a very good price. 

Do you want to try a good organic food? 


Sunday, 6 December 2015


Having been through my old collection of perfume, I rediscovered the 4711 Cologne that I haven't used for so long.

Introducing to the famous cologne, no one wouldn't know 4711. I used to carry a mini bottle in my bag and out some of scarf to make it smell nice.

The 4711 Nouveau Cologne Eau de Cologne is my most favourite of all item I have because it come in a spray bottle. The original bottle of 4711 doesn't have the spray.

the 4711 Tissues is so easy to carry around

This brand has long history back in 1799, and over 200 years, they use the same formula of cologne. I love to use the original bottle as a decoration as it looks vintage and become a good pop of colour to my room. The unique smell of 4711 is so refresh and cool, and sometime I found it relaxing as the scent is not too strong. 

Have you ever tried 4711? 


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Beauty Things Learnt From Youtubers And Bloggers

I have been obsessed with the Youtube and blogging things since I was into makeup and beauty. I can't remember when exactly I start watching youtube and read blogs but I start my blogs about a year ago. I've learnt many things from both Youtubers and Bloggers, so I thing I'd like to share with you something I've learn.

  • No one skin is perfect : I used to think that all of those Bloggers and Yutubers have such a perfect skin. I taught that they have no blemish, no pore, no acne, but actually some of them not. The way they do is they take a good care of their skin and some of them cover it with makeup to make it flawless.

  • Not every skin is the same : Sometime, I tend to purchase skincare that Youtubers to Bloggers said that it's so good. I found that I can't use some skincare that contain alcohol while some of them can. What I learn is to find someone that tend to use skincare that suit your skin. I found that my skin love what Amelia Liana and Fleur De Force use.

  • Oily skin need moisturiser : I have the misperception that because I had oily skin I don't need to moisturise my skin. But I was wrong as I see many Youtuber have oily skin still moisturise their skin and use other stuffs as well. 

  • Spend more money on skincare : Perfect skin needs to come from within not from what you put on your face to cover it. I learn that skincare is more important. If you take a good care of your skin, you don't need any heavy foundation or concealer. I found that a good skin last longer than makeup on your face.

  • Wear whatever make you confident : I'm the person who afraid to dress up and just wear T-shirt and jeans. After I see a lot of fashion blogger, I get more confidence as they don't really care that others don't dress as much as they do. It's not in the bad sense that they dress something crazy, but they confident to wear and it make them look brilliant. 

Have you learnt somethings from Youtubers or Bloggers?


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kawaii Matcha Cookies

皆さん, こんにちわ!!


I have found a very cute recipe for the super cute matcha cookies.

It smalls good and taste good as well.

Matcha is kind of Japanese green tea which I love, and I think it goes so well with the white chocolate on the top.


  • All-purpose flour    120g
  • Matcha powder    12g
  • Melted butter    64g
  • Icing Sugar    65g
  • Milk  2 tbsp = 60ml 

  1. Combine the wet ingredient and icing sugar in a mixing bowl
  2. In another bowl, sift the flour and Matcha powder together.
  3. Add the ingredient together and put it in the cookie press
  4. press on tray (I use baking sheet) 
  5. Bake in 170 C for 15 mins
That's the recipe, if you like something sweet, you can decorate with the white chocolate on top. 

Hope you like this recipe!