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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What's in My Mini Bag

Sometime you just be in a mood for a mini bag. I would begin by saying that this bag would be without any trash because it's so small. I got this bag on sale from Ted Baker a couple weeks ago. I love the size that it's not too small that you could fit nothing in but not too huge that you can use as a wallet.

iPhone and charger
My first and most important things is my phone, but it always glued to my hand so I don't put it in the picture. I always carry the charger because the iPhone 5 runs out of battery so fast.

Card Holder
It's my second essential because girls need to shopping and pay for things!!

Lip Colour
Sometime I bring a lip colour with me but sometime I don't. Recently I've rediscovered the Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balm in Woopin' Watermelon. It added a lil bit of colour and suitable to wear in everyday.

Lip Balm 
This is the essential that I have in every bag I carry. Recently I've been loving the Bobbi Brown lip balm. It's so moisturising and the packaging is cute!

I always get annoyed when people talking and I don't want to listen. I love to listen to some Spotify playlist, I have a wired obsession with christmas songs.

House Key
Yes, I need them!

I think that's all I carry in my bag. Hope you enjoy today post :) 


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