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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Vudh Home Scent

Who doesn't want their home to smell great? Not me!!

I am a person who love to keep my room smell good all the time because most of the time I have to live in my room doing some work. I was recently introduced to the Vuudh Interior Fragrance Spray set. It come with the Spray which I love the bottles, it's so simple. It also comes with the little hanging thing which I thought you suppose to spray the scent in. I spray it to my curtain and it keep my room smell lovely.

I got the Siamese Jasmine scent which make me feel like living in some kinda temple or something like that. It smells like the garland that Thai people use to offer scarified to the Buddha statues. I love this smell as it remind me of some relaxing moment in the temple.

Do you fancy trying some relaxing Thai home scent?


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