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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Uni Tips : Do and Don't

As I'm a third year now, I've learnt many things from uni and I wish I knew this before I start uni. I think it might be useful to share it with someone that is currently in uni or about to start. This is just a tips I found useful for me, it might or might useful for you, so feel free adapt some to your uni environment.


  • Read the syllabus : At the first year of my uni, I never read the syllabus because I in high school I don't found it useful. It's a bad habit because high school and uni are not the same. You definitely need it in uni because some works teacher will not tell you but they will write it down on the syllabus. 
  • Find you reading material online  : After you got the course syllabus, read it and see the reading material, try to google it and if it's available in PDF from, download it. I think it's very helpful when you don't want to read it all because you just use command+F (ctrl + F) to find keyword you want and it will save a lot of time. 
  • Find you place, library is not always the answer : At my uni, it's always packed and sometime noisy in the library. I love to go to little cafe around my university. I love the cafe that are not crowded and peaceful so I can concentrate more, and I can have coffee while you can't bring it to the library. 


  • Go to class if it's useless : Sometime I found go to class is useless because some of my teacher don't check the attendance and they give you a reading material. I found sometime stay home and have a productive day is better to bring yourself out of your house and spend time travel there. In some class you need to go and take note, but some teacher just muttering and read the slide.
  • Put pressure on yourself : I used to be stressed out a lot when I have a huge assignment to exam. I put so much pressure on myself and at the end it's not good and the result is a lil bad as well. I learn to prepare the exam rather than sitting and be stressed out. I recommend making a timetable and set some time relaxing so you don't put too much pressure on yourself. 

Here are some tips I wish I knew before and I hope it will help you if you're going to uni, and see you next time! 



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