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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Eyeliners I Do and Don't Repurchase

As I've experience many eyeliners, I think I'd do a post dedicated to eyeliner arsenal. I always wear eyeliner as it makes my eye pop and stand out. Here I have 4 items I always repurchase and I think it's worth purchasing.

What I do repurchase :
  • The Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner : I love this eyeliner as it's so black and the brush is not too soft. The tip is like a pen liquid liner, and it stays all day.
  • Topshop Magic Liner : Nothing much to talk about, this one is perfect liquid liner and easy to use. The only downturn is I can't buy it in Thailand.
  • Topshop Waterproof Pencil Liner : This pencil liner makes me feel like using the expensive liner even though it cost only 5£. This one doesn't smudge, and it's so creamy which make it easy to apply.
  • 17 Liquid Liner (discontinued) : I love this eyeliner because it's cheap and also stay all day. It set into a film consistency that you can peel off. I'm really sad that it has already discontinued. 

However, I don't think I would repurchase these :

  • Etude Oh M'Eye Line : This is a very good eye liner in the sense that it stay all day, doesn't smudge at all and its brush is so easy to apply but this irritated my eye, so I can't use it. 
  • Revlon Fabuliner : This one is so light and the colour is not pigmented at all. It's so easy to smudge. It's a brown colour that so dim that you can use for your brow. 
  • Mac Kohl Power : This pencil liner is quite great but compared to the Topshop or the Rimmel Scandaleyes, this doesn't wroth the price. It dried out so fast and when it get hard, it can hurt your eye and sometime it smear under your eyes.

From left to right :  Etude / Topshop Magic Liner / Revlon Liquid Liner / Collection Fast Stroke / Topshop Pencil liner/ Mac / 17 liquid Liner

I think I cover all I love and hate eyeliners, What is your favourite one? 


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