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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Wake Me Up When September Ended

I can't believe another month just gone and it's now October. I'm not quite excited about October as some people do for Halloween because I'm looking forward to Christmas more!! As the month ended, it's time for another favourite post.

This month I don't feel like I have anything new for makeup because I've been wearing the same things all month long. However, I found one skincare favourite which I discovered recently, the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. It make a huge different, help to clear my skin, and also cure my dehydrated skin as well.

I came back to my old favourite perfume which I have felt head over heel for. It's the IDOLE D'ARMANI Eau Dd Parfum. I actually got it from my mom and I love it. It's the rediscover as I switch to other perfume. I can't find it anywhere now that sell it so I'm not sure whether its discontinue or not. It's not floral nor fruity scent, I don't know how to describe it. It's very feminine and strong scent. If you are a fan of a strong perfume, it's for you. 

For the nail varnish favourite, I've wearing different shade of nude everyday. As I ran out of my Tanya Burr one and I can't get it in Thailand, I decided to pick up some random Japanese one and it's really good. It quite sheer so you need 3-4 coats, but it doesn't feel that it's thick at all. It last for a week and even I put a plaster on, the nail colour didn't chip. 

Next favourite is the fitness band. It's Mi Fit from China. It's so cheap, it was about 500baht (10£) and it work fine, the battery last more than a month and it also remind you when your phone ring which I really love.

And my last favourite is my new bag. I'm thinking about getting a Longchamp bag for a while but I couldn't decide which colour I want, so I haven't bought it yet. Last week, I come across the shop and found the short handle which I wanted and it's a cat face!!!! At first I think this has to be mine, but I'm quite hesitate because the price, you can get some pretty Ted Baker one. However, the next day, my mom bought it for me, and I'm so glad!!! I think the MAIOU handbag is limited edition for this year (2015). I get a lot of use as I carry it to university and it can carry a lot of stuff like my camera, my iPad, etc.

That's all of my favourite things this month.

What is your favourites this month? 


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