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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Things To Remind Yourself.

Today post would be a lil bit random and different one that I feel like posting it as I think it might help one of you. It's normal for people to dislike someone and it's normal for others that they might don't like something about you. I found myself grow up a lot from my old self. I learn so many things to deal with the bad situation and I think I'd like to share some in this blog.

  • Remember that if someone hate you or dislike you, it's normal and don't take it serious. Instead of get angry of that person, look back to yourself about why they don't like you and if it's a ridiculous reasons, just don't care, but if it's something bad for other people (for example, selfish, narrow minded), you should learn and improve it. 

  • Gossip is also normal. I used to think over when I knew that people are gossiping about me but as I grow up and have been with many people, I realise that I shouldn't care if I didn't do anything wrong. 

  • When others do bad things to you, or flame you, it's their matters. I've learn that if someone hate you so much and keep doing bad things to you, it's that person who concerns and think about that matter not you. If you get mad or angry at that person, he or she would not feel like what you feel. Sometime, we, ourselves keep worrying about trivialities and it's your own nerve-wrecking. 

  • Be positive is important even though it's sometime hard to be. I used to think negatively on person I met for the first time. I used to judge people and most of the time I found that I'm wrong. Try to think optimistically about someone you met and it would make you life a lot better.

  • This one is quite radical but some people in this world is just exist to make you realise that this kind of people actually exist in the world. There is a people who is very pessimistic in this world and you can't change anything but avoid them. 

  • Take the bad things as a lesson and take the good things as a presents. When something bad happened, learn from it and don't let it hempen again. Don't regret because you should regret it if it happen once more. The good things is like a gift, appreciated it and enjoy it, but remember, nothing last forever.

Here are somethings I can think of right now. I remind myself everyday when I faced something bad. Your life is your own, don't let other ruin it. Be your own self and be proud, be appreciate of what you have.

Until we meet again.

Pali <3 

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