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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Teddy's Bigger Burger!!

Warning : This post might make you hungry!! 

By finishing the class a lil bit early, me and my friends decided to go to a burger place called Teddy's Bigger Burger. If I don't remember wrong, the original restaurant is in Hawaii. This place has the biggest burger as I found the ad in Facebook so we decided to try. 

The A&W root Beer is by far my most favourite soda ever!! 

The Original Burger which you can choose how you like your meat to be (rare, medium rare, etc.).

We choose out burger with the Combo set that come with any choice (Cheesy fries, hash brow, or onion ring).

The Western style (no veggie)

I had the Grilled chicken with extra avocado and some kind of special sauces. It's so good and so big as the name of the place said.

Overall I love this place, the price is not too high compared to others place that have burger like this. I love the taste of the sauce in the burger and I also love that it's massive. I'd recommend you to find any Teddy's near you and try it. I think this burger made my day after a morning tedious class!!

Do you want to try a Bigger burger? 


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