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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Recent Homeware Buy.

After clearing my room a little bit, I found that it's messy but lack f home decorating stuff. I decide to look for an inspiration from various blogs and go out to find something exciting. I decide to look for budget homeware and I found a Japanese shop called Daiso. Everything is only 60baht (about 1.5£). I am after something that make my home smell good for a while and I finally found the infusion from this shop. Unfortunately, the smell it not so great so I take the perfume out and put my old Victories Secret body spray and it work, my room smells like Victoria Secret!!!

I also found a lil bird case which I don't know what it meant to be but I just love that it's so cute and can add something to my sunglasses stand. I got a sunglasses hanger from IKEA a while ago as I randomly spot it at the check out. I can't remember how much it was but it's on sale.

That's all I've bought for my room recently. 

Do you have any budget homeware recommendation? 


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