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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Museum Siam

It's time when my class got cancelled again, I decide to induce your friends to explore areas in Bangkok with me. I take my canon 600D camera with 50mm lens with me today. 
First we went to the opposite side of the river from my uni. We went to Wang Lhang for a lunch at some Vietnamese noodle place. The noodle was so good and tasty. I love Vietnamese food so I love this place so much. If you fancy trying here is the link.

Then we take the ferry back to my uni and take Tuk Tuk to a place called Museum of Siam. It's some kind of historical museum but you can interact with things in museum. Normally in other historical museum, you can't touch things there but here you can play with everything.

In the museum, they are several nice room for taking picture as well.  

Have you seen any museum that you can play with? 


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