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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Another Good Oil For You Skin

Having heart of the tea tree oil for a while, I decide to try and let me tell, it beats all of my spot treatment I've tried. 

I have heard so many people talked about the Body Shop tea tree oil that it can heal your acne and blemishes. I start to do a little bit research about the oil and as it's 100% oil, may be I can find the alternative one because the Body Shop in Thailand is a little bit expensive. I found the Australian brand called Thursday Plantation tea tree oil that available in boots with a lot cheaper price. I haven't tried the Body Shop yet but I'd say that this one does the job in clearing my acne. It smells like eucalyptus. The oil texture is very light, it's not a greasy oil, and if you tend to have dry skin, it can dried your skin out a little bit. I love to use this before the moisturiser and I use it along with my Aderma Cream De Soin and it's fine. 

I'd say of you have active acne, this oil can help you a lot. It's fine for every skin type even though I have sensitive skin. 

Do you fancy trying this one?


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