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Thursday, 17 September 2015

What's In My Bag : Uni Edition

I'm quite late on the back to school bandwagon but I think I'd do something back to school related a little bit today. As I love watching what's in other people bag, I decided to share with you my essential to carry to uni. My bag is from H&M that I got from last season so I don't think it will be available now.

My most important things are the card holder and my purses. Recently I have some problem with my back so I tend to carry as light stuff as I can so I don't use a huge wallet any more and switch to a card holder. My card holder is from accessorize and my purse is from Kate Spade I got from Bicester Village for only 20£.

I also have a makeup bag with powder, concealer, and etc. Sometime I just bring my concealer and lipstick with me and don't carry the whole makeup bag because it can be heavy.

An umbrella is also important for Thailand in this season because it rains sometimes but not as frequent as in UK. I just have a simple black one from H&M.

Another essentials for me is my glasses because I need to see what professor teach. I got mine from YSL a year ago.

Of course I need some pens and my notebook to write something down. However, in some class because I prefer taking note on my laptop as it's quicker (and some class is boring so you can read some blog or twitter :p)

My headphone is something I don't use that much but I always carry in case I need to listen to something or watching Youtube in the library. I don't carry a camera everyday but if I feel like blogging something, I would take this one or my canon one with me.

What is your essential for school? 


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