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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Uni Tips : How I Deal With Subject I Hate.

People usually choose subject they love to study in the university, but not me. I choose the wrong subject and when I realise that I don't live Political Science, it's too late. I study in the combination Bachelor and Master degree so I only have 3 year and only 2-3 subject in the hell year. I knew that I don't like the faculty I take when it come to the end of the second year and I decided not to stop and go on because I only have a year and a half left. 

In today post, I think I'd share how I deal with the think I don't like in case some of you might find it helpful to deal with subject that you don't like but you have to study. 

  • Schedule : For me it's effective that you set up some time table because if you hate that subject, you definitely don't want to study for it or do the assignment and ended up with bad grade. Time table is something to motivate you to do it.
  • Discipline : It's important that you follow the table you set up because if you like the subject, you'll do it without any table to schedule. 
  • Don't Force yourself : Even though I recommend you to set to schedule, I don't recommend set the schedule that is too intense but set the relax time as well. I always do it every other days as if I have to read or do the work everyday, I'd hate it more than I do now. 
  • Friends : When you have question or you don't understand something and you don't want to ask your professor, don't hesitate to ask your friends. My friends help me so much when I don't understand some point and teachers seem to ignored me or they didn't teach clearly. 
  • Youtube : Sometime paying attention in class is really hard for the subject that you don't like. I found Youtube as another classroom as well. If I miss some point, I always search a video on Youtube and sometime, the video can explain better and more concise than what textbook said.  

Here are some tips I found help me dealing with subject I hate a lot, and I hope it will help some of you as well :) 


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