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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Easy Ways to Destress.

Destresssing is  something I do all the time but I never share anyone about it so I think I'll share it today on my blog. I found some tips useful for me when I got stress from exam or work. I really hate having stress but I can't help when something very important is coming and you are not ready. Here is some of my tips that I use :

  • Take a Deep Breath : it's the common things everyone is told to do when they got stress but I think it really help when you have to deal with it and you can't do anything else like when you taking exam.

  • Paint Your nails : for me personally I found painting my nails make me forgot everything for a while because you will focus on making your nail look beautiful. I really love Tanya Burr nail polish but sadly enough, I couldn't find it in Thailand and the website that sell it doesn't ship it to Thailand. 

  • Listen to good song : When I don't know what to do, I always open Spotify, randomly play a song and lay down on my bed. It really help me to relax.

  • Aromatic scent products : I found the scent of product you use can destress as I love to use Jasmine or Lavender hand cream. Those 2 scents is the scent that I use around christmas time which I considered the greatest time of the year so it will remind me of wonderful time I had. 

  • Internet Detox : It's good to stay away from internet if your stress come from the environment around you. I found when I don't know what's going on in social media really help to make you forgot everything for a while and relax. 

  • Talking to friends : Sometime, the story needed to be told. If you think you can tell someone, tell them. I found that sometime I just get stress about silly things like I have to work with people I don't like, and after I talk to my friends about this, they just gave you advices and make you feel better.

I think I cover all of my tips, and I hope it'll help! 

Do you have any tips for destress? 



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