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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sone Goodies From FeelUnique.

Always being a shopaholic, recently I did sneak around feelunique website and do a late night shopping. I'm looking for some moisturiser and I see the A-Derma Creme De Soin, so I decided to pick it up. I also get some free sample in the package and a little note :), so thank you who sent me this even you didn't write your name.

I was after a moisturiser that is thicker that my Clinique Dramatically Moisturiser Gel and see this one which it claimed to threats the sensitive skin so I take a look and decide to pick it up. It's also fragrant free and paragon free which I prefer because I don't like the scented skincare.

It doesn't have any smell. The texture is very thick which I think would be good for dry skin like mine. I first try it on my hand and I can feel the different in 2 days that the dry area around the cuticle which always get dry is better. Then I try it on my face, and after using for 2 weeks, I feel that my face is smoother because it's much richer than the Clinique one. I think it's good for winter but not sunmer so I use the Clinique Gel one in the morning and before my makeup and use this one at night.

Overall I like this one and this doesn't cause any spot on my face so I will keep using it and if it turns to be my new love, I'll put it in one of my favourite post soon!

Have you ever use this one and how you think about this?


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