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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sabai-Arom Jasmine Hand Cream

Following from the empty product post that I ran out of a good hand cream, I've been after the good new one for so long. I used to love the Erb Jasmine Hand cream ,however, it's a little bit expensive.

I flipped through the ELLE magazine and spot the Sranrom Hand Cream. It amazed me that a Thai brand is on ELLE so I decide to search for a shop in Thailand but there is no Sranrom available in the country that produced. Luckily someone told me that this hand cream is available in Thailand but in the name of Sabai-arom and it's available in Boots, so I ran to Boots and pick it up.

I decide to try the Jasmine collection because the Erb one that I love is also in Jasmine scent. I love Thai brands as it always has the eastern scent like Jasmine. It come in a tube like the Erb one and it's huge compare to the price. This one is 75g compared to the price of 215 baht or around only 4£.

This is not greasy but not sink immediately to your skin like the Loccitane one and it smells heavenly!! This hand cream will last for ages so I'd recommend to those who want to try some eastern style hand cream and the price is very affordable as well.

This one available internally in the name of Sranrom brand so if you want to try you can check out the link above.

See you next time! 


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