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Sunday, 16 August 2015

My Thought on A Book.

Hello Friends!! 

After I got a week off school I decided to grab a book that I bought a several month ago, and finish it.  I love reading but during the uni, I don't get that much time because my course has a lot of (boring) required reading. 

First I bought this book because I love Zoella and I want to read her book. I heard that she didn't write it all by herself but I don't care because all of the character and the plot come out from her ideas. By overlooking that point, I think I enjoy reading it. I love that this story happened in Brighton which I've been before. I actually love reading teen novel like this one which is easy to read and the story goes continually. 

Some people might don't like this book in the fact that Zoe didn't write it all by herself, but I love it and I'm looking forward for the second book. I the cover, I think it's very cute. I prefer the paper back one however, when I bought this book, the paperback version had not yet to come out. 

Overall I like this book because the story and partly because the author. I love watching Zoe video on Youtube and I'm looking forward for the second book which is the Girl Online on Tour. 

If you like the easy reading book I'd recommend give this book a go, it's enjoyable! 


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