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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Kiehl's Recent Purchase.

Hello Friends!!

Because it's summer and it's Thailand, the weather is very hot and it make my skin getting oily and dry at the same time so I've changed some of my skincare and trying some new product. I feel like sharing some of my opinion and how the product does to my skin with you, so here is some review for skincare I've tried lately.

I heard from my friends that they like Kiehl's product and I really like their lip balm so I decide to pick the moisturiser and toner up.

I've bought the Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner from my friend's recommendation. I love the smell of it, it's not a fragrant but it smell like some kind of Chinese tea. This toner claimed to sooth problem skin and balance the skin. I don't think it make a huge different on my skin but I can feel after 5 weeks of using it that my skin getting a little bit smoother. I'm not sure that I'm gonna repurchase it but so far I like it.

I also looking for the alternative moisturiser for my Clinique one so I went to Khiel's shop and the lady at the shop recommend The Blue Herbal Moisturiser to me because I have some spot on my face and she said that this one means to clear my skin and prevent any breakout. After 2 weeks of using this one I can feel that my skin is clearer and I think I like it at first. However, after that around 3-4 weeks, I can feel that this make my skin dry because it contains alcohol and it also break me out more than before using it.

I still love Kiehl's product ever thought the moisturiser break me out. I love their lip balm and toner but not the moisturiser. I'd love to try more of their product, so let me know if you have any recommendation of what I should try?

see you next time! 


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