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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Empty Product.

Hello Friends!

After a while collecting trash of product I've sued up, it's tie for the empties! I've used up some skincare and makeup product, some I like and some I hate, so I think I give you a little bit of opinion on those products and if you're interesting, all the product will be linked down below.

L'Occitane Lavande Hand Cream 
This is the hand cream that smell very good and it doesn't feel greasy on your hand that you can apply it and use your phone without any grease mark on screen. I love the formula and the scent as well, and definitely repurchase it.

Soap & Glory Scrubatomic Amazing Daily Face Polish
I've already repurchase it but unfortunately I've some breakout on my face so I can't use it anymore. Overall I love the peachy smell of this product and it works well and didn't break me out at all.

Sephora Express Cleansing Wipe
I didn't intend to buy this but I ran out of my old boots face wipes which I prefer but it just out of stock everywhere, so I have to pick this up. I prefer my old boots one because this one irritate my eye and make my skin so dry, and I would not repurchase it again.

The BodyShop Camomile Cleansing Oil 
This is the best cleansing oil, it doesn't irritate my eyes or break me out. Sometime in the winter when the weather is a little bit dry, I love to use this oil to clean my skin and it take all the makeup off. I might repurchase it again in the winter.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser Gel
My most favourite moisturiser, doesn't clog pore, doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It's a gel formula. I also love the lotion but in summer when you tend to sweat a lot, gel formula would be better. I've  already repurchase this one.

Loreal True Match Foundation
This foundation does the job very well as a medium coverage foundation. I love this so much but after my skin start to get dry, I would prefer the Lucent Magique one which make my face look a little bit glow.

Topshop Magic Liner
This is my most favourite pen eyeliner, and I've already repurchase it. The only cons for this product is it is not available in my country so I have to order it from feelunique.com and it take a while to come and it's not always available there. I wish Topshop beauty is available in every Topshop.

Collection Perfection Concealer
My second tube now and I love it. But after I discover the Deerskin Star Concealer, I prefer that one more. I might repurchase it again if I feel like using the drugstore one.

Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter
I love this body butter, but it takes so long to finish it even I bought the travel size one.I love it for the winter weathers, it's too thick for summer time. It smells so good, and I would definitely repurchase it again in the winter.

L'Occitane Hand Cream / Soap&Glory Scrubatomic / Boot Simple face wipes / Sephora Express face wipes / Bodyshop cleaning oil / Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturisers Gel / Loreal True Match Foundation / Topshop Magic Liner / Collection Concealer / Soap&Glory Body Butter

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