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Monday, 3 August 2015

Back to Vintage Bangkok.

Hello friends! It's such a nice gloomy Monday. Today after submitting my last essay for summer school, I go to the old town near my Uni called Wang Burapa which was the old city centre for Bangkok in the old day. I go for brunch with my friend at the old style place called On Lok Yun. They served old-style coffee and breakfast, and it's delicious. 

Then we just walk around taking picture. We walk to a random sample near the Grand Palace and I don't know what that temple called but it's beautiful. I actually never been to this temple before even it's just 15 mins walk from my uni.

It's such a nice relaxing day for me as I just finished my summer school. The weather is not that hot that you can walk around. I love seeing parts of Bangkok that I've never been before. If you are like me being tired from studying, just walking around the place near you that you might never been before and discovered new things, and it'll make you a lot happier.

Don't forgot to try some new things.

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